Paint Correction

No paint’s surface is perfect and most new cars come with surface defects such as micro marring, dirt nibs, overspray, and or excessive orange peel that is commonly overlooked at the factory. Paint correction is just what it sounds like, the art of correcting defects within your paint by removing the layer of the infected area and polishing to a near-perfect shine. 

This process takes time and dedication, but the result is worth it as your car’s paint will shine and have that mirror reflection. After your paint is corrected, it’s a great idea to pair it with one of our ceramic coating packages and or paint protection film (PPF) to lock in and protect from future swirling and scuffing.

Level 1 Paint Correction

This package is perfect for light-colored vehicles, daily drivers, or as a budget-friendly option.

As the name suggests, this paint correction service uses one step of machine polishing. Even with the single-step process, a considerable transformation in the appearance of the paint can be achieved. On softer paints (Japanese brands for example), we can accomplish a paint correction that will remove nearly all swirls, haze, and light imperfections. On harder paints (German brands), a single step paint correction may only remove 70% of those same defects. Because all paint systems are different, we use test spots to dial in the best process so that you will see maximum results.

* Standard Correction Level on Full Service and Deluxe Exterior

Level 2 Paint Correction

This package is perfect for dark colored vehicles and severely neglected finishes

With our Level 2 Correction, your vehicle will undergo two corrective steps to remove heavier defects that our Level 1 service won’t eliminate. This option will significantly improve the finish by removing swirls, and all but the heaviest of scratches.

The process starts with machine compounding the surface to level deeper imperfections. Next, we follow with a secondary polishing stage to refine the finish and increase gloss and clarity. The paint type and condition will also dictate the level of correction, but typically this process will clear up 80-90% of all defects.

Level 3 Paint Correction

This package is perfect for concours entries, show cars, exotics, specialty builds and perfectionists alike

When absolute perfection is of the utmost importance, this service delivers. Three stages of correction and spot wet sanding to remove all swirl marks, and severe scratching. This process is closely monitored from start to finish with paint depth readings, to ensure the safe removal of defects. At the end you will be left with a perfect finish and a deep, brilliant gloss.

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