Additional Services

Fabric Protection

Fabric Guard keeps fabrics fresh, soft, colorful and breathable, all while adding a powerful coating to repel water and prevent the most serious of stains. Use it to keep rugs clean, leather interiors fresh and covers blemish-free. Fabric protection is a must on convertible tops for years of protection. When applied to clean and dry fabrics,  Fabric Guard restores lost water and stain repellency to straight from the factory levels. Keep all your favorite fabrics crisp and clean for years to come.

Headlight Restoration

(PER LENS $60)

If you can’t see the road as well at night as you used to, your headlights are probably oxidized. A truly startling percentage of the cars on the road suffer from headlight oxidation. Headlights with medium oxidation can cut light output by over 50%, which creates a very hazardous condition for driving at night. Severely oxidized headlights can cut up to 80% of light from escaping the lenses! Not only a danger, they also make potentially nice looking cars look old, decrepit, and less valuable.


The sun is your headlights worst enemy. Over time, grime, sand, and water pelt your headlights relentlessly while the sun slowly bakes them from above. To top it all off, they are subject to quick changes in temperature ranging from below zero degrees to well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These violent conditions cause your headlights to oxidize and become cloudy, yellow, and opaque. 

Ozone Odor Removal

2-3 hours: $60

The ozone odor removal treatment permanently removes odors from any vehicle. If you have the usual food and beverage spills that fall into difficult to clean areas, pet odors, tobacco fumes that penetrate every crack and crevice, and smoke residue that clings to the ceiling and other interior surfaces then ozone odor removal is the solution for you. The ozone odor removal treatment is an extremely effective car odor eliminator because this special process attacks odors at their source. As ozone odor removal treatment fills the interior it flows into air vents, all cracks and crevices, and immediately begins to oxidize tobacco odors, pet odors, food odors and musty smells that cling to surfaces, and even flows into air vents, cracks and crevices.

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