Motorcycle Detailing

Since 2001, Encore Detailing has detailed all different motorcycle brands and styles. The Best Motorcycle Detailing Service starts with a thorough wash to ensure all areas of the bike are clean and free of bugs, tar, and rubber. Then, all painted surfaces receive a clay bar treatment to remove the dirt below the surface of the paint and reveal the truest color of the paint. Next, all swirls and fine scratches on painted surfaces are polished to ensure a swirl-free finish. On heavily chromed motorcycles, such as Harley Davidson cruisers, we polish all chrome finishes and aluminum to a very high luster to provide the best appearance possible. Finally, all surfaces will be treated with a durable ultra high-quality paint sealant to preserve the beautiful finish.

Being a motorcycle owner and rider myself, I know that when you have free time you want to ride your motorcycle instead of cleaning it. I highly recommend putting Ceramic Pro on your bike you will be blown away how it looks and how easy it is to clean.

Chuck Heinle, Owner and President of Encore Detailing

Full Service Detail

 $400 – $600 4-8 hrs
  • Wheels and tires cleaned and degreased
  • Engine, frame, swing arm, underbody, under tail, rims, and exhaust deep cleaned
  • Fairings gently hand washed
  • Blown dry
  • Gauge area gently cleaned
  • Fairings safely hand polished to get out as many swirls as safely as possible. Gas tank paint corrected to remove swirls, scratches and oxidation. Paint sealed with our premium paint sealant
  • Engine tastefully detailed
  • Leather seats cleaned, conditioned, and protected
  • Windscreen clean and treated with rain repellent
  • All Aluminum/chrome, etc. cleaned and polished to a mirror shine and protected
Express Service: $100-$150 1-2 hrs
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