Discovering Gtechniq: Revolutionized Ceramic Coatings

Gtechniq is a prominent name in the car care industry, known for its innovative products that deliver exceptional results. From paint protection to interior care, Gtechniq has a comprehensive range of solutions designed to keep your vehicle looking its best. Here’s a closer look at Gtechniq, its products, and why it’s a favorite among car enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The Gtechniq Difference

Gtechniq was founded in 2001 by quantum physicist Drew Gill. The company’s mission is to create the most advanced car care products by harnessing the latest advancements in chemical engineering and material science. This scientific approach sets Gtechniq apart, ensuring that their products offer superior performance and durability compared to traditional car care solutions​.

Innovative Product Range

Gtechniq offers a wide array of products, each designed to address specific aspects of car care. Here are some of the standout products that highlight the brand’s innovation and effectiveness:


1. Crystal Serum Ultra

Crystal Serum Ultra is Gtechniq’s flagship ceramic coating, renowned for its durability and protection. This coating provides a hard, glossy finish that resists scratches, chemical stains, and environmental contaminants. Its multi-layer structure ensures long-lasting protection, making it a preferred choice for both professionals and car enthusiasts​​.

2. EXO Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating

EXO is a hydrophobic coating that enhances the water-repellent properties of your car’s surface. It creates a slick finish that causes water to bead and roll off, taking dirt and grime with it. This self-cleaning effect makes maintenance easier and keeps your vehicle looking cleaner for longer​​.

3. G1 ClearVision Smart Glass

Gtechniq’s G1 ClearVision Smart Glass offers superior protection for your vehicle’s glass surfaces. It creates a hydrophobic barrier that repels water and reduces the adhesion of contaminants, improving visibility in all weather conditions. This long-lasting coating also makes cleaning your windows a breeze​.​​

4. C4 Permanent Trim Restorer

C4 Permanent Trim Restorer restores faded plastic and rubber trim to its original color and luster. Unlike temporary solutions, C4 bonds chemically with the substrate, providing a durable and long-lasting finish that won’t wash off in the rain or during washing​.

5. I1 Smart Fabric

I1 Smart Fabric protects your car’s interior fabrics from spills and stains. This advanced fabric protector creates an invisible barrier that repels liquids and dirt, making it easier to clean and maintain your car’s interior. It’s perfect for seats, carpets, and other fabric surfaces​​.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Gtechniq is committed to producing high-quality products that deliver on their promises. Each product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the company’s high standards for performance and durability. This dedication to quality has earned Gtechniq a loyal following among car enthusiasts and detailing professionals worldwide​​.

In addition to quality, Gtechniq is also focused on sustainability. The company strives to minimize its environmental impact by using eco-friendly ingredients and packaging whenever possible. This commitment to sustainability ensures that Gtechniq products are not only effective but also environmentally responsible​​.

Customer Satisfaction and Support

Gtechniq places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The company provides extensive support to its customers, including detailed product instructions, application guides, and professional training. This commitment to customer service ensures that users can achieve the best possible results with Gtechniq products​​.


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